A Tribute to a Mate

Arthur T Christensen


It was my second trip to JiuJiang City the year 2006. The weather was nice so I decided to meet Jasmine in the city so we could look around together. While waiting in McDonalds and having a drink I seen a foreign man come in and order some hamburgers. I said to myself I must say Hello.

So when I had finished my drink I went up to him and said "and what part of the world would you be from"? answer "the same bloody place as you mate". Well that was Arthur down to earth no beating about the bush. He also was married to a Chinese lady so we had more in common. It was the start of a friendship that I will never pass.

Well mate you may have left us now but your memory lives on in the mind's of those you taught and the many friends you made here in JiuJiang and China.

Your own immortal word's

"You Know"

Zai jian Adda

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