The Beginning


Well I guess it all started when William Allan Jordan meet Edna Mabel Pivott around 1932 at a tennis court in North Bankstown a suburb of Sydney Australia.

After some courtship he asked her to be his wife and she said yes. So they got married in St Andrew's Church Lakemba on December 11th 1934.

Some years later my sister Valerie was born she is six years older than me and then two years after that Lynette was born. So you can see after many years of trying a boy child brought much happiness and joy to a poor but loving family.


So it was on the 8th of October 1943 at the Macleay Hospital in Belmore I came into this world. It was not far from where I was to grow up at 35 Clarence Street, Belfield.

It was a long street with a big park at the bottom and a little church at the top. Also lots of vacant land so young boys had many places to play.

The neighbours were all working class people and very friendly, I even remember gates from one backyard to the next. Things were so different back in the 50's and 60's, things have gotten better but some were along the way some of us have lost our core values.

Now back to the story, of course the neighbours had children just the same. My childhood friends were Maurice Douglas, Keith Jones and Robert James, we were all around the same age give or take a year here and there. We did many things together, like playing Cowboys and Indians and going the pictures on weekends. Just young Australian boys doing what all boys did, some of these things are illegal now (oh well).

When I six years old I started kindergarten at Belmore North just half a mile from my house. Then on to Belmore North Boys primary school next door. After that was high school for three years were I gained my Intermediate Certificate and still on the same conner block it was called Belmore North Technical Collage So you can see from the above my whole life till I was fifteen years old was basically spent in one squire mile with just a few trips to see Sydney's attractions and some annual holidays in the countryside.

Someone maybe Mum suggested I join a young persons group. I joined a group run by the little church at the top of the street. All young boys learning about fellowship and doing things together. The leaders organised a weekend hiking trip to the Blue Mountains. This turned into a nightmare nine of us went on the trip and only five returned, we got trapped in a bushfire in the Grose Valley near Katoomba. Two very brave bushman risked their lives to rescue us from the flames.

Just before I left high school my father died, he had just paid off the loan for our house. Although we did not spend a great lot of time together it was very hard to take.

My sister Val got married to Don Burrridge and Lyn got married about a year later to Donald Touloch. Mum made all the dresses for both she was just so good at this and loved doing it.

After high school I got a job as an apprentice Coppersmith at J. B. Collitt, this was for five years. Towards the end I turned 21 and decided to join the CMF (Citizens Military Forces).ross63 After two years in the 23rd Field Regiment and gaining the rank of Lance Bombardier. It was a great time and taught me how to look after others and some discipline as well.

I spent about one more year with JB'S, but I wanted to learn more about my trade so I got a job with the N.S.W government railways, unfortunately they did not have what I needed to learn so I broaden my out look to find a place where I could find what I wanted. I had my bag packed to go Papua shipyard when I got a call from the BHP shipyard in Whyalla South Australia so I changed my mind and went there.

Not long after starting work I got interested in Modern Ballroom & Latin American dancing. It started quit slowly but soon became an obsession, every night after work and Saturday and Sunday.

One time I teamed up with a young lady Fay Hudson and we got second place in the Australian Open Cha-Cha competition but sadly this relationship did not last to long. It was sad because she had a natural flare and we could have done better next time.

Towards the end I even became a professional dancing teacher.



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