The Meeting



In the last chapter I was looking for some place to go overseas for a holiday and try to get my life back on track. Then it hit me China never heard of terrorism there, spoke to Val as she had been there in 1983 just after China had opened the door to the rest of the world. I also found out that Lyn had been there to some years ago, but things change. So around late August 2005 I got on to Skype to find some people in China and ask some questions about life and living there. Well I was chatting with many people from all over China, ladies and men of all ages, then one night someone came on 'LanLan' what a strange name was it male or female, a few more questions and I found out it was the latter. Her name was Zhao Yuhua (Jasmine) she was 47 years old divorcee with a 21 year old daughter. We chatted nearly every night for over two months and got to know each other well. Yuhua had holidays coming up so thought about bring her to Australia, but Val said it was not a good idea as Sydney and Whyalla were very different and if all worked out we would live there. Talking to Lyn, she said met halfway “what in middle of the ocean” no silly why not Hong Kong. It would be easier for Yuhua to get there and if things did'nt work out she would have no trouble getting back home and I could spend some time HK looking around and then come back home. So I spoke to Jasmine about it and she agreed, so I booked a flight to HK and a hotel and sent Jasmine some money for her trip.

It was around late November 2005 that we met each other face to face. I was over-welled she was just so beautiful. The next day we went to Disneyland in Hong Kong she loved it very much it was just so new to her. After supper that night we talked and decided we would get married, so the next day we were off to the Australian embassy in HK to fill out the paper work. As we went through the form I found out that she had been married more than once. This upset me very much so we went downstairs to have a drink and talk about it. In the end I said to myself who am I to judge. So back up stairs only to find out that the embassy in HK did not cover mainland China where Yuhua lived and we would have to go to the Australian Consulate in Shanghai.

So one more night in Hong Kong then back to Yuhua's city Jiujiang. First a ferry to Shenzhen airport for a flight to Nanchang then the train Jiujiang. We arrived late and it was very dark Yuhua said we had better stay in a hotel for the night as the road to her home was being dug-up and I might fall.

So up the next morning very early, had some breakfast then down the road what mess it was. When we got to her building I find out her place is on the 5th floor. I had two suitcases and a rucksack, the stairs we very narrow and not even, so it was hard to climb. Yuhua said wait, I will take my bag up first and then come back for yours. It did not take her long, I had just managed to get to the first landing. She came back got one of my suitcases and up again, when she got back to get the second suitcase I had managed to get to the first floor. When I finally made it to her house I was done and had a little rest.

The house was small but very nice and clean and I would grow to love it. In fact it will always be my happy place. Yuhua had to go to her work which was just around one hundred meters from her house. After a while she rang me and said she was sending her brother around to look after me for the day. I waited and was really scared, what would he do, I was playing with his little sister. Soon a knock at the door, I opened it cautiously only to find a happy smiling face and a friendly hand offering me some cigarettes. He could not speak any English but he beckoned me to follow him so I did. He took me to see the lake and then to the zoo. In the zoo there were some monkeys fooling around I pointed at them and said Yuhua, well he just burst out laughing and nodding his head yes.

It was late and Yuhua had come home from work to find no one there she rang and said come straight away, so of we went back home quickly.

 Well that was my first day in Jiujiang city.



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