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Margaret and I got back to Whyalla and every ones was pleased to see us, but the road ahead was going to be hard. First off to see the local doctor and give him the report from Sydney so he could organise what needed to be done. We found out that there was nothing in Whyalla and would need to go to Adelaide. Again this all took time and every day the chances were less and less for a successfully outcome. So after more than a month Margaret and I were in Adelaide to get her some treatment. She walked into the Royal Adelaide Hospital and started chemotherapy the first day Ok but from then on it was all downhill. After more than two weeks she was on an ambulance plane back to Whyalla. Her sister Helen had organised one of the hospice rooms for her and every one was very nice, nothing was too much trouble. My sister Lyn came over from Coff's to be with me at this very trying time and gave us all support. She stayed even though her Bill was not well either, but after a month or more she had to return to look after him.

Just before this Margaret wanted to go home so the hospital people organised to have the house set-up and arrange for nurse to come in every day. Many friends and enemies alike came to see her and wish her well, but this was not to be. She just wanted see Christmas 2004 and she could face the going after that. Well this was not to be after a few weeks home she had to return to hospice room in the hospital. Things were getting worse every day. Andrew came home from New Zealand so we could all be together and he could see his mum just one more time.

Then I got a nice surprise Val and Don arrived to be with us and help through this very trying time. Still only a few months after our first big loss.

Now it's 4:20am on the 26th of November 2004 young Margaret, Kym, Alan, Andrew and myself were all staying in hospice suit with Margaret. I was the only one awake when I seen her stop breathing. I called for a nurse and one came quickly and yes although a doctor would have to confirm it my darling wife of more than 37 years had gone to join my mum. All this was in just over three months. The two most important people in my life gone, I was all alone.

Every one was very upset to say the least but no one had lost more so than me. You don't find someone and stay together for thirty seven years if there is not a bond. There were good times and bad time's but that's life. Now I had to face life with no love in it, the love of children, grand-children and even my sisters my life would never be the same.

An empty life only memories and no one to truly share my last years with. Someone had done the cloths washing and hung it out, it had been there for many days. So I went to bring it inside and put away, on the line was an old nightdress of Margaret’s when I took it down I just collapsed on the ground and cried my heart out. So many tears, I will never forget. It was old, had holes in it and was very thin, but so many memories.

Well Christmas 2004 was just around the conner. A time for family to get together and share all the happiness and to look forward to the new year. This was a hard time for every one, the thoughts of the resent past still fresh.

After some persuading I went and had some counselling, it helped, got me back playing with my computer and looking on the internet, it helped me a lot.

Mum had left Val, Lyn and myself a little money in her will, not a lot but it helped pay some debits and buy myself a new computer and still some left over. Then around August 2005 Lyn suggested and Val agreed I should go on a holiday. A cruse, noway I get sea sick. Overseas some where I had always wanted to go. The Mediterranean had always interested me, so much history. But what about terrorism, maybe I would not come back, no way. So I thought were to go New Zealand, no not really overseas, just next door. So I continued looking and with that stared a whole new chapter in my life.

But the question still remains unanswered 'Why did Margaret not listen to me'?

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