A Very Special Person.

Well it's Thursday night, the telephone rings Jasmine answers, a whole lot of happy chatter in Chinese, after she hang up I am told that her daughter Jing Jing will be coming home from college tomorrow evening to spend the weekend with us.

I had seen her over the net and we had chatted briefly. Jasmine has also sent me some photo's and she looked nice.

Well now it's Friday evening and I hear this sweet voice calling at the front door “I am here. Open the door, Yu Hua ”. So Yu Hua (Jasmine) opens the door, well what a shock I got, she was an absolutely honey of a young lady, and when she wrapped her arms around me and said:" I love you, Dad." I just melted away.

The next weekend she returned to stay as the college was on holiday. We spent a lot of time together over the next three weeks, talking about lots of things and went out shopping many times (like McDonald's every other day). I got to know her very well and could see that she was even more beautiful inside. Then came a very special moment I was lying down listening to Jasmine and mine very special song over and over and she could hear me crying, she came in and put her arms around me, and asked if I was alright, this was very tender and sweet as it came from the heart.

How very lucky I have been, I went to China to find the love of a beautiful woman and got a very special bonus (Jing Jing).

Then sadly I had to leave all my Chinese friends and love ones behind and return to Australia. Every one was sad and some came to the railway station to say good bye. Jasmine was fighting back the tears, it was very plain to see. However Jing Jing and myself could not, even now writing this story I can not stop.

A message to my new found daughter Jing Jing. Hold on to your dreams and don't ever change. You are so beautiful inside.

Your Mum and I found true love and happiness with one another, across the distance and cultures between us.

“Some people come into your life for a Reason;

Others for just a Season.

And special few for a Lifetime”



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