My Quest


Well what started out as quest to get my life back-together after losing first my Mum and then my wife of 37 years in just three months at the end of 2004, turned out to be a quest of a different kind.

It started just looking for a place to have an overseas holiday, while searching for information about China I made contact with a Chinese woman her English name was Jasmine. We chatted nearly every night and got to know each other fairly well. So one thing lead to another until we finally met in Hong Kong in December 2005. I knew this very beautiful woman would be good for me, so I asked her to marry me, and she said yes.

Not long after going to her home town of JiuJiang and seeing what it was like I set myself a five years (5) quest.

That was to give her and her daughter Jingjing a better life in Australia. Away from all the pollution, in the streets, the air, the water and the rubbish food.

I have spent nearly seven years, except for a short time together in Australia doing this. It has been mostly happy because she is just so wonderful and Jingjing has been living in Oz most of the time so half my quest looked like it was done and I gave my self another three years to for fill my quest. So around September 2013 Jasmine and myself would join her and we all three could all be living a harder but healthy and happy life in Australia. And I could pass away knowing they would be well looked after. But now Jingjing is coming back to China and looks like she will stay here, so I can't ask Jasmine to leave her here bye herself.

So now it looks like my quest is over and I am very upset, so maybe I give up and return to Australia by myself and try to pick up the pieces and start again.

But guess in the final analysis I must thank them both, as they gave my life purpose when I needed it most. I have shown them many things, most of all Jasmine, this beautiful woman has never had much luck with the men she has chosen. But this time is a record fifteen years, before only two.

But the biggest thanks goes to Jingjing if she had not wanted to go oversea then Jasmine would never had looked.




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