Our True Time Story.

We have many true times to hold to, from the first hesitant and tense kiss in Hong Kong, to the last most wonderful full on time in Jiu Jiang, just before our sad parting. It has been my utmost desire to share these moments again with you forever lao po.

I will never forget that night in the karaoke room with all your friends. It was the last part of a wonderful day, lunch, dancing in the afternoon and supper at night. Every one was having a real good time. And then you got up and sang to me, the theme song from Titanic. I do not know what all your friends though, as the tears just streamed down my face. It really came from the heart.

You have given me more than words can ever articulate, just holding you seems to be the only way to thank you and to give you my heart forever.

If ever two people were intended for each other it is you and me, across the distance and cultures between us we have found a love even greater than greatest love story ever told.

I guess the real truth is that we are all the same, no matter where we are born or where we live and some day the whole world will know this first true fact.

And when they write about it, we may be old and wrinkled or even left this place called earth, but we will be with one another, smiling and will say, it has always been this way.

Wealth is not measured in what you have, but in what you have done. And to love one another is the second true fact.

One day the world will wake and say I have just had a dream so strange, it is hard to believe, I have just seen the world as one.

We already know this because we found true love and happiness with one another. And this my darling is the third and and last true fact.

Take no notice of this, it is just the ramblings of an old lao gong.

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