The Journey

I think this may well be my last long journey, but the one I must take.

The world we live in has changed so much since the day of my birth. Over all it has  gotten smaller and more complicated. As I look back at where my life began, in Sydney on the 8th of October 1943, I now see a very different city, but still with all the changes it is still the most beautiful city in the whole world to me. And one day when I have left this mortal world, I sincerely hope that half my ashes can be spread in the harbour and the other half can stay in Jiujiang China my second true home.

You may well ask what happened in between, well it dose not really matter, you see I was raised with love and love has always been the most important thing to me. This is the only true value in life.

When we are first born we need to be feed and as consequence of this need to have our bums cleaned, and if we are truly lucky we leave this world the same way. I did this for my first wife Margaret. After her passing and also my mothers going just three months before, my life had no love in it, that is until I meet Yuhua, a strange and very different person and coming from a different country and culture and a different time. But some strange feeling took hold of me and knew this very beautiful woman was the one who would feed me and clean me in my last days in this mortal world.

After some time together in Australia and China, a friend said to me "she has followed you to the end of the world and this proves she really loves you". (Xie Xie)

There are many kinds of love, a love of country, a love of cities, a love of places, a love of community, a love of friends and of course a love of family. The difference is we do not generally chose these. There is however one love we do chose and that is the one person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, our spouse.

We come into this world with no material things and we leave it the same way. But most of us come into this world with love, and if we are truly lucky we leave it with love. So you see that the only true value in life is 'love'.

I have been very lucky to find Yuhua although not perfect in all things, still the most wonderful woman I have ever met and by gee I love her.

I will close now and if you still do not understand, let me say: "If there is love it will find away, no matter how faraway."

Love to all Ross.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009



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